December 17, 2010

Is this seriously supposed to look good?

A study

Yes, that is a baseball hat under his hood. His shoes are much shinier than they look in the picture, and much brighter. He is wearing two chains around his neck as well as a bandana tied like it should be over his mouth (old west style), and a ton of bangle bracelets. I’ve worn some crazy getups in my time, but seriously? A bandana, bangle bracelets, leggings, and a sleeveless hoodie, all thrown together with a dash of Y chromosome to boot? I guess I’m too old to understand…

October 10, 2010


I’m sure you’ve all made milkshakes before…and I’m sure at least some of you have tried Sonic Drive-In’s “Java Chiller” milkshake. It’s a vanilla milkshake with espresso mixed in for yumminess, and then you have a choice of coffee flavor, caramel, or chocolate on top. I always go for caramel.

Unfortunately, Java Chillers are like…$3.50 each? Something like that. Plus, you have to go all the way to Sonic, which for me is kind of a big deal (nearest one is at least half an hour’s drive away). So, the hubby and I decided to figure out how to make our own! We tried coffee syrup, we tried instant coffee, etc. but we have FINALLY found something that tastes EXACTLY like a Java Chiller!

Basically, you need Maxwell House’s amazingly delicious product, International Cafe, in Vanilla Caramel Latte.

Measure out the amount of milk you want (for a single milkshake to fill a regular sized drinking glass, I use about 1/4 cup, or maybe a bit less) and blend it with a heaping tablespoon of maxwell house latte powder. I put it in a round plastic storage canister, and use an immersion blender that my parents got me, because my blender sucks.

Next, use your ice cream scoop to scoop up some still-frozen coolwhip. I promise, this step makes it perfect. Plop that in, and give it another blending.

Add 4 or 5 scoops of ice cream and blend till smooth. Check the consistency…if it’s too liquid, add another scoop of ice cream. If it’s too solid, add a splash of milk.

Drink! I recommend a straw, because milkshakes are always better that way. I also recommend, if you’re anything like me, taking 4 or 5 lactaid pills…your body will need them.